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We shortlist our absolute must-brings on a long haul flight..


As much as we all love to travel, seeing new places and exploring different countries; first we must get there. Easy enough? Not always. Enduring a long-haul flight can be difficult for those that have never flown long distance but also can be tireless for frequent flyers. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable, bored, fidgety and restless whilst you’re in the air. Making sure that you are fully equipped for the flight ahead is extremely important as it effects your mood and how you are during the flight.

We’ve compiled a list of our absolute go-to Travel Blue travel accessories for maximum comfort on a long-haul flight:

1. Tranquillity Pillow

We don’t know about you but when we think long flight, we immediately think ‘’I need a pillow’’. Our go-to travel pillow at the moment is our Tranquillity Pillow. The pillow is ergonomically shaped so that it sits comfortably on your neck and shoulders. It’ll help with spine and neck support whether you’re sitting up or sleeping. Once you’re done, you can easily fold it away and store it in the built-in pouch. Pop it into your travel case and use your hands for other more important things!

2. Travel Pressure Socks

Long-haul flights mean that you’re sitting in the same spot for 8+ hours having not moved except to take a toilet break. More often than not, you will experience discomfort in your lower legs as there is no compression due to no movement. Our Travel Pressure Socks can significantly help to reduce the risk of DVT during a long haul journey by applying gentle pressure to the ankles to help blood flow. We also recommend taking regular walks up and down the plane during intervals of the flight to keep things moving!

3. The Comfort Set

You’ve got your pillow, you’ve got your socks – now you just need to block out the world and have some well-deserved shut eye. We like to use an eye mask and ear plugs to feel super relaxed and doze off into dreamland. The Comfort Set comes with both necessities showing that you can…..zzz… Please stop talking.

4. Foldable Headphone

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to sleep for the whole journey even though that is very tempting. Watch films on the in-flight entertainment systems or listen to music from your own devices. Simply plug in our Foldable Headphones and let time fly by even faster. We prefer bigger headphones, plus we think it clearly indicates ‘DO NOT TALK TO ME.’ Simply fold them away and store in your travel bag. Now’s your chance to watch that movie you have been meaning to watch for the last year.

5. Folding Backpack

So you’ve got all of this stuff that you need for the flight but where are you going to store it all? You can’t just carry them in your hands when you have a 30kg suitcase to be wheeling along! Neatly tuck all of your flight accessories into our Foldable Backpack. Lightweight yet high quality – you have 20 litres of space to fill. Once you’ve unpacked your things and settled yourself on the plane, you can simply fold away the backpack and store it in the built-in pocket. Talk about practical and saving space!

And there we have it, our Top 5 Ultimate Long Haul Flight Accessories. Enjoy your flight!


**You can find Travel Blue in over 10,000 Duty Free airport outlets across the world.