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What is Free-Lost-Found

Every year tens of millions of travellers lose their luggage, passports and other valuable personal item. It is estimated that nearly 4 million passports alone are lost every year.

Travel Blue offers a unique way of re-uniting lost items with their owners.

Our products carry a unique individual I.D. number together with instruction on how to bring finder and owner together easily and quickly.

This service is completely free-of-charge! No strings attached!

How does it work?

When purchasing your Travel Blue product, look for the unique “Free-Lost-Found” I.D. Code.

To activate the service, simply go to and register your details on-line.

If a product you registered is found, we will immediately contact you with full details how to retrieve your lost property.

Bought a Travel Blue laptop bag
Registered ID Code online
  Left the bag,
can’t remember where

The bag was found
Finder sent me an email through
  Got a message from
My bag was found !!!

Why do we do this?

Part of our Brand Philosophy has always been our Environmental & Social Responsibility. This is the reason why at least 70% of our packaging are made of recycled materials.

Losing personal property is one of the most stressful worries while on the move. We believe it is also our responsibility to try and find solutions to this problem.

Adding the free-lost-found on our products, without any additional cost, is our contribution to reducing this problem, and an important part of our Brand Philosophy.

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