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Secret Sliding Wallet

The Secret Sliding Wallet makes it easy and secure to retrieve and hide money, credit cards, passport or other travel documents when traveling and is suitable for both men and women.

This is a popular item from the Travel Blue money belts and wallets collection. The Secret Sliding Wallet thin construction and quality materials makes it very hard to detect and comfortable to wear.

How to get this product

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Quick Overview

  • Retrieve or secure your money with the sliding system.

  • Simply slide the wallet outside and then slide back - could not be easier.

  • Made of extra soft material for your comfort.

This product comes with the unique Free-Lost-Found ID code. Click on the icon for more information.

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Product Reviews

i so recommend this wallet!!!

Review by JazzyS
My friend had his wallet stolen from out of his pocket on a recent trip to Paris. A real big hassle. So I wanted to find something that would make my money and credit cards a little more secure. I looked at money belts but they were not very good for storing credit cards and had limited space. I have to admit I have not come across a wallet like this before; it is such a simple yet effective way of keeping your wallet and contents safe. You simply attach the wallet via a strap to your belt loop and then wear it on the inside of your trousers. So it is both discretely hidden and easily accessible by you sliding it out of your trousers when you need to access your money or credit cards. "
(Posted on 01/08/2012)

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